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24 November 2012 @ 04:50 pm
I should be working on this reeeeeeeeeeeeally overdue comic page but instead HI LIVEJOURNAL. SUP?

Work gave us Thursday and Friday off of this week (which just means I went in Monday - Wednesday instead of my usual Mon/Tues/Fri schedule) and that's good. Because I spent most of Thursday throwing up everything. I'd had sort of a stomach thing all week but I guess after drinking one hot rum cider my body was like "OH HELL NO." I'm feeling better now, just meant that we had our "Thanksgiving" a day late. Not much of a thing, just us roommates eating whatever I could throw together in a few hours. I actually ended up not eating at all Thursday (except for some rice, but that ended badly) and my stomach was naught to happy to have me binging on potatoes and stuffing and carrots and gravy as my first real meal after being sick.

Anyway, I'm feeling much better now. I need to spend the rest of my weekend catching up on art though since I've been slacking off so much. Part of it is laziness, the other part is Guild Wars 2, and then the last part is I am really dissatisfied with this page and the overall level of quality I've been putting out for GG. :/

My internship at Periscope starts in December... some time. I've been waiting on a reply from the woman who is in charge of intern wrangling and might need to poke her again soon. Right now I also have two "projects" on the backburner/in development stage. One is a girl-centric comic anthology of short stories I wanna do. The other is some stupid fun project I want to work on with eris about cat boys. Fuck yeah.

Work is awesome! I enjoy what I do and the people I work with (for the most part, at least). The one downside is I come home pretty tired/done with the day. Then I want to spend my first day off (Wednesday) doing nothing. Then nothing gets done... ahaha. I actually think things will be better/easier when I'm working full-time but that won't be for a while...
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26 September 2012 @ 05:04 pm


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07 August 2012 @ 01:06 pm
Phew. Ok.

It was stupid hot over the weekend and so I got nothing done outside of sitting in front of the fan slowly melting in to the couch and playing the latest Layton game. My plans on finishing a GG page were thwarted by my tower overheating and causing Photoshop to seize up on me.

On Saturday, though, we were out house hunting and found a great place over by where we used to live (when I first came up to Portland). The even better news is IT'S OURS NOW. The landlord pretty much gave it to us at the end of our walk through and our move-in date is set for the 18th of this month. 8D

It's 1600sq.ft. with 1 bedroom upstairs and another in the basement. There's a washer/dryer in the unit, no direct sunlight on any part of the house, lots of built in shelves, and hard wood floors. The basement is totally sweet so we're sticking jazandia down there and the split rent is going to be so cheap. I can finally pay off my credit cards! We can buy frames for art! Get a nicer television! Get a new computer that isn't so old!

We were walking around the property when it was over 90 degrees outside and it was cold enough that you'd think it had A/C. It's under another unit so it'll probably get chilly in the winter, but I can deal with cold. I can't handle heat. :B The landlord is super nice, and willing to work with us with regards to hanging things, building more shelves, and I'll probably talk him in to replacing kitchen appliances in the future too. :P

Added bonus: the outside of the house and the walls in the master bedroom are blue!

After seeing the house we went and saw Spider-Man. I really enjoyed it because I like seeing Andrew Garfield all scratched up and hurt. ♥ It felt like a Spider-Man movie, AG played a great Peter Parker, and the only thing I didn't like was how lulzy the villain was but that's pretty true to a Spider-Man flick. Also, Gwen Stacy was perfect.

We kind of met up with two lovely girls after the movie who heard us chatting about comics and were like "you like comics, we like comics, do you like froyo?" Then we all went and got froyo together and talked about comics and stuff. :B Yay making friends!

Dinner was at another friend's place and we played a tabletop game and fun times were had by all. They had A/C and Cheetos and basically I had to be dragged away at the end of the evening.

Now I'm flailing between drawing and packing. We don't have many boxes yet and I *HATE* packing/moving but Neka is at work all day so I'm going to have to suck it up. Today, though, I think I'll focus on GG so I can have at least one page to show before I have to pull the "I'm moving lol sorry hiatus again" thing. *sigh*
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25 July 2012 @ 10:11 pm
Ok, well since I'm not in the mood to do anything else because it's hot and I'm grumpy, I guess it's time to blab out my SDCC report.

Shenanigans!Collapse )

Also my paid account expired and Livejournal is such a barren wasteland of suck these days that I can't justify paying the $20 a year to renew it, especially after they've been taking such wide strides in the wrong directions. I will miss you icons, truly.
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14 June 2012 @ 07:00 am
It's 6am and I've been up for half an hour already because I woke up feeling a bit queasy. Too much food and booze last night, but I've had some water and now I'm better. Since it's early as fuck, I think I can finally justify the time to write up some stuff I've been meaning to and stick it here for posterity's sake.

Next to Normal at the Artist's Rep TheatreCollapse )

Birthday shenanigansCollapse )

I got behind on work as a combination of spending a weekend in Seattle with my mother, getting sick afterward for about a week (I think I ate a bad mussel cause I'm an idiot), and then generally feeling shitty. I need to chug ahead for SDCC otherwise I'll be really, really far behind when I return. And I don't want that. :|
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29 May 2012 @ 09:10 pm
So I went out of town and didn't tell any body. XD! I took the Amtrak train up to Seattle on early Saturday morning and stayed through until Monday afternoon. My mom was in town because my sister was attending some dance camp and she wanted me to come up and keep her company. We ended up doing a lot of shopping and eating a lot of good food.

Mostly I bought clothes and some things from Lush and new sheets because my old ones got a massive hole in them. We met up with Lydia on Saturday night and went out for sushi then cupcakes. Sunday I got to have all the seafood (shrimp and crab ceviche, oysters, mussels). I also got to introduce mom to boba. We had gelato at some point (caramel fig as well as cherry cheesecake) and Mediterranean food more than once (mmm lamb shawarma).

Seattle is OK but I also kind of hated it. Way too touristy for me, but on the other hand it's nice that things are open late! It's also really nice to be able to see the ocean ♥ Still, I walked about a mile and a half uphill in the heat dragging luggage and it sucked but I was strangely proud that I didn't faint or die ahaha...

Mom was really intent on getting me the clothes I need and I couldn't find any decent walking shoes in colors that weren't hideous so long story short I now own my first pair of Fluevogs.

I'm back now! Neka played hookey and we went to get more clothes (I needed a pair of pants that fit) and then saw The Avengers for the second time. Such a great movie~ I have a really embarrassing crush on Mark Ruffalo that we won't talk about ok? OK.

I started reading American Gods. It's good so far. Nothing else new to talk about really. I'm behind on work because I had a really shitty week but skipping the update on Memorial Day helped (also I was out of town anyway and it's a holiday and we get terrible traffic on holidays as it is...). Still, I'm not as far ahead of myself as I'd like to be. :C My fault. Oh well.

Hope everyone is doing well. I know LJ is dead but I still like it here.
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06 May 2012 @ 12:09 pm
I suppose since I'm on a self-imposed Tumblr ban until some time Monday (that is, after I've had a chance to see Avengers so it isn't SPOILED for me any more than it already has been) I can dust off ye olde LJ and do a Stumptown writeup.

jdillon came out early so we could hang out and do fun stuffs! We ended up watching a lot of Avatar and derping around on the internet while Neeks was at work. On Friday we hit up the food carts over on 10th and I got some delicious Korean BBQ. Mmm bulgogiiii hngghhh

gallo_de_pelea flew in Friday night and her along with jazandia and aetherbox all came over for lasagna and then dessert lasagna.

Saturday at Stumptown we got to see steam_pilot and Neka helped out EK at her table while I perused the tables. Unfortunately with everything happening this year our purse strings were super tight so I let Neka do most of the buying save for a little comic book necklace I bought for myself from Dylan Meconis.

The three panels I went to were as hit or miss as last year. The first one was Legal stuffs for artists by Kohel Haver. Mostly he talked about copyright, what it entails, how it's made and enforced, and what constitutes free use and what doesn't. It was an EXCELLENT panel and my only gripe was it was too short. Thankfully the little packet that everyone got handed when they arrived is full of awesome information pertaining to copyright laws and other related things. Law is such a fascinating field, I'll readily admit I have a big crush on it haha.

The next panel we all went to was supposedly about European comics and their appeal in a US market but it devolved very quickly in to the DH editor on the panel just going through the history of their publishing catalogue. We saw a slideshow of covers. I was really hoping it would be more about the stylistic differences between European comics versus American comics but no go. On the bright side, Joe Keatinge was also on the panel and he was ADORABLE and it's great to put a face to the name! I have sort of a distant respect for that man.

The last panel was on Sunday and it was called "Improving the Looks of Your Self-Published Books" and I really should have paid more attention to the panel description so I could skip it. I was expecting it to be about layout design, cover design, etc but it was ALL ABOUT DO-IT-YOURSELF BOOK BINDING. Under other circumstances that might have been awesome but it was not really what I wanted to learn that day. :/

Saturday night we all went out to Ramshead Pub and took over like three or four tables with everyone. Beer milkshakes for all! ♥

Sunday after we said adieu to our Canadians (Chloe and Anise) then eventually made our way out to the SE Hawthorne foodcarts for poutine and milkshakes and crepes. I got to meet two lovely ladies, Blue and Caitlin, and we got to talk about dicks and comics and lots of other stuff. Honestly the whole week is such a delightful blur that I don't remember much of anything but everything was amazing and I had a total blast.

Julie stayed with us for a few more days and we watched some more Avatar and relaxed. EK brought me gingerbread pancake mix so I made those up for us on Tuesday morning and they were tasty. It was sad to see Julie go but hopefully she can come visit us again! At any rate I get to hang with her at SDCC and we can derp over Hobbits and Avengers together yayyyyy~

Brett went out with us for a chat and some pastries this morning after coming over last night and making us gigantic sandwiches. My dad called while we were out and since he rarely calls me I called back and we chatted a bit. He's retired now which makes me happy (the man is 70 ffs) and he sounds good. Hopefully I'll get to talk to him more now that he won't be working all the time. I promised I'd send more pictures of the town and stuff since he really liked those. I'll also have to find a way to guilt him in to COMING UP AND VISITING because he has no excuse now. :B

Aside from all that, it's work work work. The weather is getting warmer and I've been able to draw with the window open. :) My mood has been pretty stable overall except occasionally I'll get a day (like today) where the slightest thing can set me off in to melancholy. I'm not sure if it's related to the migraine that started last night and persisted through this morning (and 2 excedrin) or not. My attempts to cut back on caffeine have paid off though. I'm not grumpy in the morning if I don't get coffee and I don't wake up as groggy. It's easier to get out of bed and stay focused. I still drink decaf if I want the ritual/taste of having coffee in the morning, but I'm cutting back on that too. Julie helped me find decaf iced tea at the market as well for when it starts getting REALLY hot. All in all, it's nice not having to depend on it. I had a mocha at Stumptown and it made me really jittery and gave me a bad headache too haha. Whoops!

Lastly I'm happy to say that I nabbed tickets to Next to Normal in June. I'm very excited to see it. :D
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Wow, I haven't made a real post here since January. Part of that is probably due to my life being pretty same old stuff every day. The rest of it is due to LJ being dead, Tumblr being the place where shit is happenin', and me being busy busy busy

Stumptown is next weekend and I'm really looking forward to it! We're gonna have Julie staying with us for a week which (ah fuck I was going to email her tonight and forgot!! orz) will be SUPER AWESOME. This weekend Neeks and I are gonna go out and get an air bed for her (cause the last one popped) and pick up some shoes for Neka (and maybe some for me, IDK) because her current shoes suck balls and have been ruining her feet!
Anyway, Stumptown is going to be SO GOOD because I get to hang out with all my friendsss and there will be partying and Tony Stark is gonna be there and he's gonna be like "HEY GURL" and I'll be like "oh my god how long have you been a merman for???" and he'll be like "Always, chizzi. Take a picture with me." Then I'll be like "OK :DDDD" and I'll end up making this dumb face with like 8 chins in it and Tony will look flawless and all of everyone will be totally jealous of me-


So coupled with a program called "Focus Me" I've been regimenting my free time during the day (ie my "productive time" aka "the time Neka is not home") to get as much work done as possible. Focus Me blocks my access to Firefox (and whatever else I deem distracting) for hour and a half increments forcing me to work on Gran Grimoire or sit in front of my computer bored. XD After the hour and a half it beeps, I take a half hour break, usually to eat or snack or pee or wash dishes or whatever, then get back to work. I've only been doing it for two days now but it's been amazing! I had that fatigued feeling you get after working all day today and it freaked me out because it's been so long since I felt that way. Working with this schedule I colored a WHOLE PAGE start to finish, which is pretty amazing.

Here's a breakdown:

8:30 wake up, make coffee
9-10:30 work
10:30-11 break (breakfast)
11-12:30 work
12:30-1 break (snack/lunch)
1-2:30 work
2:30-3 break (snack)
3-4:30 work

4:30-6:30 run errands (groceries, dinner prep)
4:30-5 break
5-6:30 work

6:30-8 break (make dinner, chill with neeks)
8-12 relaxed work/"free time"

"Relaxed work" basically means dink around on the computer, draw if I feel like it, go to tinychat and stream if I'm working on pages. Ya know, whatever I'm feeling. On a day when I have to run errands it's 6 hours of focused work, and if I don't have to leave the house or fret over dinner it's 7 1/2 hours. I'm a little scared that I might get burned out by this BUT I'm trying to push myself cause I don't think 6 hours of work a day is very much to ask. :) Plus since I have the evenings free, I'm not trying to work while everyone is home/around/awake/in a talking mood nor am I trying to get a lot of stuff done while Neka is home and needs my attention.

Speaking of free time, I joined Pottermore and spent the afternoon sketching my and Neeks's Pottermore 1st years. They're super cute! I hope I can do something a bit more fleshed out with them in the future. MAGIC BABIES (not really babies) ♥ ♥ ♥

My username is ThornStone29105 if you want to add me! AND I'M IN SLYTHERIN CAUSE WE'RE THE BEST :BBB
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Hello, 2012. Can I just say, it's about damn time. I've been waiting on you for a while but you took your damn sweet time showing up. Seems like you're bringing a nice bag of presents for me this year, well I look forward to that. Mmhmm.

Speaking of, Xmas was a fun affair. We started the long awaited LOTR marathon on Christmas eve with a viewing of Fellowship and a dinner of rib roast, wasabi potatoes, and green beans, followed by my homemade creme brulee. On the actual day we finished with Two Towers and Return of the King, of course, and unwrapped gifts. Neka brought it upon herself to restore my video game collection to its former glory by getting me a Pikachu N64 and a copy of Ocarina of Time, both of which I lost years ago. I also got the new copies of the Kodansha release of Sailor Moon, which will happily replace my tired, small, and poor quality MiXX copies that are hell knows where.

At some point between Xmas and now, we rented a car and drove around all day buying things with money sent from Mom. Finally we have a dresser, a new coatrack, I have a chair that works, another shelf for crap to get put on, some new undergarments, and pants! All in all, a decent haul and also PANTS. Probably the best part. My boobs ruined any plans of finding new shirts/sweaters/etc but whatever. Fuck you too, mall.

New Year's plans fell through with Neeks and I feeling under the weather. I think Neka was in bed by 9pm and I stayed up inking page 11 of Chapter 1 of Gran Grimoire with some of my peeps at letsdrawstuff.com. For whatever reason, the measure of a year and comparing its accomplishments to what should come of the next 356 days feels so arbitrary that I didn't really feel like joining in in much of the festivities or lists of resolutions. I did set a goal to have Ch. 1 finished in time for Stumptown, with the hopes of actually getting a table and then having something to sell on it. :V

We leave for California early Saturday morning and WE'RE NEVER COMING BACK until like a week later. I'm really excited to see everyone and run around and stuff. Mom has been calling pretty much nonstop, sometimes more than once a day. She called me instead of my sister today on accident. Dad's been chatting with me mostly through email which is way better hehe even though his house rules are crazy. Gonna go to the beach though! Probably! It'll be cold! Yay!

And now since I didn't sleep well last night (thanks cats) and am feeling generally shitty, I'm going to go medicate myself with Thai food. Yep. Hope everyone had a fun and safe New Year's. 2012 is gonna be a good one. :)
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